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     Ageless Lust. An Improbable Love Affair is an unusual, true, romantic-sensual narrative dealing with a senseless age-gap relationship that began with a blind date the calendar chronicled Sunday, December 20th, 2009!

     Of East-European descent, a widower and a surgeon, the 73-year-old grief-stricken Gabriel decides to retire and leave the US altogether. Ad interim, more than a year after losing his wife, he gaged that time was appropriate to blow some steam in his frosted loins. Making do with the services of a sexplicit website, he intersects with Vronica (an ‘e’-less Veronica), who was also searching for an NSA (no strings attached) relationship.

     She was a 42-year-old drop-dead-gorgeous divorced lass, an RN by trade and mother of two small kindergarten-aged children. The sexual magnetism between the two was meteoric. After barely two consecutive back-to-back carnal encounters, Veronica decided that he was a perfect lusting match for her. The inglorious, even the revolting 31–year age disparity was not even noticed, nor ever discussed.

     A five-month-long and hot relationship ensued. For the first three months, with his younger daughter still living in his home, his medical office hosted their bi-weekly sexcapades. However, after he hung up the shingles and sold his home, the office-based romping-grounds, (sexodrome, as he called it), relocates with him to a hotel for two additional months. At the end of that period he was set to depart to his homeland, he left 30 years beforehand, the country he elected to live out the last leg of his life. 

     Completely unpredictable, as the farewell time was fast approaching, a love connection edged upon both of them. However, with his retirement plans in full swing that scorched Gabriel’s American livelihood, their lustful, passionate affair was doomed to come to a screeching and final halt. Settled in the taxicab on his way to the airfield, a moist-eyed Vronica handed him a send-off card dated 23rd May 2010. The card entitled, ‘Saying goodbye is like washing sweat socks… It’s got to be done, but it really still stinks,' ended with a few words of enchantress wisdom, "Darling, we both know that this will not be a final goodbye! I am leaving it open-ended and breathlessly wait for your return!"

Screen Shot 2019-11-28 at 1.15.35 PM.png

     Less than 24 hours later, Gabriel was breathing the air beneath the canopy of stars twinkling over The Promised Land, a 7500 miles seemingly unbridgeable separation. Longing, and lusting for each other, they remained in touch using everything electronically possible; text messages, emails, phone calls and Skype-sex, were all game. Just four weeks after his departure, with his new apartment completely decorated, Vronica accepts his invitation to join him for his upcoming 74th birthday falling in the first week of July. From that moment on, like two children, they were counting the number of lonely nights left until reunited. In love and excited, Vronica, already one week prior to her trip, displayed her suitcase already fully packed! They crisscrossed the country and had an insane 12-days sextasy that

     Alone, his world came apart and caved under him - - no sleep, no food, and for days on end. In a deep slump, Gabriel concedes he wouldn't want to live without her. However, to bridge the distance cleaving them, had only one practical solution. He had to return to the States and leave behind his newly created life! He was aware that it could be a costly decision, especially if the relationship would turn ephemeral and fall apart months even early years after his return. Without any exception, all his local friends, without exception, reminded him that when ‘rubber meets the road’, his heart's utopian dream would turn into a nightmare. Humiliated, with his tail between his legs, he will be back to face the bitter reality, forcing him to restore all what was lost. 

    After endless yet fruitful deliberations, Vronica, aware of her responsibility for such a far-reaching move, agreed with his cautious plan to return but only for a trial period. After a short three months stay in the Land of Milk and Honey, at end of that year's summer, he re-crosses a blue sea, an ocean, and two continents, to reunite with her in the City of Angeles, place they found the flares of magic. The intended brief trial-visit turned permanent, and the rest is timeless history, as they say. Fortuneteller Vronica’s prophecy, recorded in her sendoff card, attested her right.

    The narrative will illustrate, with no mincing words, how their unanticipated love story unfolded, their problems, and his insecurities. Several of the many lusting sexcapades are part of the narrative, hopefully depicted not too brazenly, not an easy task!

     Vronica and Gabriel were never united in holy matrimony and never shared the same roof, two possible explanations, among many others, for the longevity of their relationship. Indeed, their love adventure and deep physical magnetism continues, so far for over ten tears! Neither time, at one point distance, nor three decades of age difference, succeeded in ending this most implausible relationship that should have never happened. Yet it did, transcending all expectations. On December 20th, 2019, they celebrated a decennium of togetherness, authenticating the Roman poet Virgil's words, "Amor Vincit Omnia!"


​     P.S. Here it must be revealed that Gabriel, the widower and surgeon are I, and ‘hiding' behind the pen name, TG Gore. To scribble sentences on paper or screen was never my cup of tea in none of the six languages I speak. I believe, that Vronica and I have a unique story that proves that genuine love has no time and no age limit. Thus, I could not resist the temptation to forgo sharing our ten years’ long relationship with the public at large. Hence, after a long and difficult gestation period, the book became reality.

     P.P.S. An English professor who helped me correct the book’s last minute written foreword, giddy about my narrative, helped me write a movie project simply named ‘Ageless,’ ( He also suggested that that the name Vronica I used in the book, should be changed to a much easier pronunciation, Veronica; none her real name. Moreover, to make the proposal more dramatic, more appealing to a possible visual audience, he also proposed three modifications.

     In the first place, the tragedy of passing of my second wife after 24-years of a blissful marriage, my deep grief, and its role in my decision to take down the shingles, retire and even leave the US, should get a much wider exposure.

     Secondly, Veronica's visit for my 74th birthday was to be a total surprise, and not an invitation, as depicted on the printed pages.

     Lastly, the happy ending of the book was exchanged with the second strike of fate, i.e. my sudden passing shortly after the anniversary celebration of a decade of love and lust.

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