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Old Age Romance

Who Reads Old Age Romance Books?

The topic of passionate sex in old age romance isn’t one that is covered too often in romance books. After all, most of these books are full of beautiful young people who are thought to be in the prime of their love lives. But, there are plenty of love stories that transcend the age barrier in real life, so there should be more of these old age romance books out there, right? Actually, there are a few and the numbers grow all the time as age is less important than it once was--so who reads old age romance books?


  • Older People - Logically, it would make sense that older people would enjoy reading old age lust books. Even though a romance book is fantastical at its heart, there are plenty of realistic images that people like to relate to as they read through a book.

  • Those Involved in a Relationship with an Older Person - Relationships where one partner is 10, 20 or even more years older than the other are not that uncommon. It would only make sense that someone who is involved in one of these relationships might enjoy reading about someone who is in a similar position.

  • True Romantics - Those people who are romantics at heart will be captivated by a story about older people or an older person with a younger partner just as they are by any other romance book. The true romantic will particularly enjoy seeing how love can conquer all, even when it comes to age.


Why not check out Ageless Lust and see if an old age romance book will pull you into the story too? This is a timeless tale and while the ages may be different than you would expect, the story is thrilling, full of passionate sex, and sure to captivate most people who enjoy a good romance--no matter what their age.

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