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Love and Lust

What Goes Into Writing a Romantic Story of Love and Lust

It’s sad, but many people who are not avid readers look at a romantic story centered around love and lust and think that it is not as “good” as any other type of book. The reality is that a steamy romantic story can actually be just as well-written and exciting as any other type of novel. So, what does an author do when he or she is writing a book about love and lust? Consider the following details that go into these books.

The atmosphere and background must be studied extensively. Just because a book is a romance doesn’t mean that the author can get away with not learning about the locale, the characters’ professions and the community around the story. Even though the romance may be made up, most books are based in reality or a “realistic” fantasy environment.

The romance must be believable, so the characters need to be well developed. Taking the time to create backgrounds and lives around the characters is difficult and takes time. If an author didn’t do this, the romance would never be appreciated.

Finally, the story itself must have a beginning, middle and a solid conclusion. A romance novel needs to wrap up succinctly and leave the reader feeling like they learned something about these characters or no one would want to finish the book. A good writer doesn’t cut corners no matter what type of book they are writing.

As you can see, writing a romantic story about love and lust novel isn’t all wine and roses. A romance author is just as much an author as someone who writes for any other genre. If you’d like to read a great new romance book from a talented and devoted author, make sure you check out Ageless Lust by TG Gore today. You’re sure to be captivated and looking for more!

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