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Contemporary Romance Novels

Five Important Details in Good Contemporary Romance Novels

There are more and more contemporary romance novels available each and every year. Some of these become classics that are appreciated time and time again, while others are glazed over by the reading world and may not get any appreciation. Consider these five important details in the best contemporary romance novels.


  • Great Characters - Characters make the story. By writing great characters an author will create a much better book and one that will draw in readers instead of pushing them away.

  • Realism - At its heart, any romance or book about age gap dating will be a fantasy. However, realism is important too. If readers can’t relate to the book because of a lack of realism it will not succeed.

  • Well-written Backgrounds - The characters do not exist in a vacuum. What makes them who they are and why did the romance occur in the first place? By detailing the backgrounds of the characters there is more realism and a better overall understanding will take place.

  • A Good Conclusion - Conclusions are important. If the book doesn’t end with a solid finish, the readers will be left hanging and not feel good about the time that was put into the book. Conclusions are vital.

  • Passion - If you’re reading a romance novel, chances are you want love and passion. The author needs to make sure he or she can capture the passion between the characters or the book will never draw in readers.


If you would like to read a great new book about age gap dating, why not check out Ageless Lust? This is a quality story that has all of the details you would look for in a good contemporary romance novel. We are sure you’ll love this timeless tale of love and lust! 

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