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My Story

     I was born in Eastern Europe and lived in Los Angeles for the last forty years.

I am a practicing physician and a widower for 12-years. At no time in my life,

I sensed having belletristic inclinations. To pen sentences on paper or a computer screen was not my cup of tea in none of the six languages I speak! This time, however, seemed different.

     Making use of a sexplicit website, at a ‘young’ age of 73, by the luck of the draw, my life intersected with an amazing, drop-dead-gorgeous, carnality oozing woman. A single mother of two kindergarten-age children, Vronica (an ‘e’-less Veronica), was a 31- springs younger and a gorgeous lass. The calendar chronicled December 20, 2009!

     I am a published author in the American surgical literature, yet to write a coherent and readable short novel for the public implied a fresh new approach. My mother tongue and schooling were not in English; besides, I had to master to overcome the many constraints writers face to assure a higher quality narrative. Among them, Stephen King’s ‘The road to hell is paved with adverbs.’ Why is that so, I do not understand to this day? But since Stephen King said it, it is the Bible! Or, the baroque writer Baltasar Gracian’s, ‘A synonym is a word you use when you can’t spell the original one.’ Luckily, I had the Internet that made this rule easy.

     There were many other hurdles, such as episodes of lack of confidence, and the typical writer’s block. Yes, the entire process turned out to be challenging and time-consuming, but I have no regrets. With all the roadblocks I had to face, in retrospect, it has been a journey of love and fun. Editing, editing, and re-editing were endless and draining, more than even lettering. After almost three years of gestation, the book, like a newborn baby, finally arrived to see the light and the world. Yes, my one-time writer’s calling is over! (I wanted to write ‘finally” over, but ‘finally’ is an adverb, so I dropped it.)

     When I scribble these sentences, Vronica and I just celebrated a decennium together (Dexcember, 2019). No years, ten to be precise, and no three decades of age-gap succeeded in separating us. Amor Omnia Vincit said Virgil, the Roman poet. We never joined in holy matrimony, and we do not live under the same roof, at least not every night. Yes, this could be at least one of the possible rationales for our lastingness, not to speak about our erotic connection still fresh after so many years, only dating and cheating couples will share.

     The narrative describes our unique lust-morphed-romantic relationship that, by some rigid criteria, could be tagged inglorious. Yet it proves, however, that genuine love and lust have no age limits.

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